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71 – German Center of Gravity – Battle of France Part VII

This is the fourth part of our CoG analysis for the Battle of France series.

We discuss the Center of Gravity for Germany.  An interesting case as the Strategic Center of Gravity was unable to defeat France, so the Wehrmacht developed a highly risky operational Center of Gravity to defeat France in just 46 days – something that they could not achieve in all of WW1.

  • How did the German’s temporally dislocate themselves at the Strategic level?
  • How could they avoid the nightmare of a two front war?
  • Would they succumb to the siren song of the Schlieffin Plan and a quick win with all the risk that entails?

Thank you to the British Army’s Lessons Exploitation Centre for the assistance with getting the resources for this podcast series.

Check out the show notes for the podcast for all of the information that we cover in this episode as well as the images and other details that didn’t make it into the podcast.

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