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22 Centre of Gravity Analysis with COL Dale Eikmeier
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22 – Centre of Gravity Analysis with COL Dale Eikmeier

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We continue our discussion on the Center of Gravity with COL Dale Eikmeier.

How important is the relationship between different
CoG?  What impact does this relationship have for operational planning?

Does the CoG breakdown when their are multiple actors?  How are they related and how does it impact in planning an operation?  What is the best way to deal with the increasing complexity?  Does the Centre of Gravity continue to be useful as the complexity of the environment and the number of stakeholders increases?

What is the impact of time on the Centre of Gravity?  Can the CoG change over time?

We look at the application of the CoG outside of the military.  Could it be used in Foreign Policy?

What are COL Eikmeier’s thoughts on Moral Centers of Gravity?  Are they useful in planning campaigns?

What is the future of Joint Planning?  How will it change over the next 20 years?  What will be the impact on a Whole of Government approach to strategy?

How will the Centre of Gravity evolve over time?

This concludes our look at the Centre of Gravity construct.  Next week we will start our next major battle study as we look at the Battle of Long Tan.

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