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25 Long Tan 3 To Vung Tau
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25 – Long Tan 3: To Vung Tau

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Dave Sabben describes his experience when he joins D Coy, 6 RAR.

Dave makes an important point, many of the officers and SNCOs were newly promoted into their roles, a function of the rapid expansion of the Army.

Fifty percent of the diggers in Delta were National Servicemen.

In March 1966, 6 RAR is notified that they will be going to Vietnam.  Delta left in early July,

The first birthday of 6 RAR was the 6th of June in 1966 and celebrated it’s first birthday on the beach of Vung Tau.  Dave and the rest of Delta Coy joined the battalion on the next day.

Training was conducted in air mobile operations and weapons training intensified.  Second hand Armalites were issued to replace the Owen guns.  The Owen gun was designed in 1939,

The building of the base at Nui Dat was commenced by 5 RAR in May.

6 RAR was deployed quickly to the base after intelligence suggested that an attack was being planned for the poorly defended base at Nui Dat.

We look at the creation of 1 Australian Task Force and look at the reasons behind it’s placement in Phuoc Tuy Province.

The name Nui Dat, comes from the name of one of the terrain features, meaning small hill.

We discuss the importance of the Vung Tau.

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Trevor scarborough August 24, 2019 at 10:28 am

Wow as a viet. Vet I really enjoyed the podcast I prob. Knew a lot of the history but I learnt a couple of new points thank you Trevor Scarborough


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