54 - Preparing for the Battle of Long Tan with LT COL Harry Smith | The Principles of War Podcast
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This is Part I of our interview with LT COL Harry Smith, the OC of Delta Coy / 6 RAR at the Battle of Long Tan.

Harry Smith discusses his early Army career, from joining the Army in 1952 as a National Servicemen, through to his deployment to Malaya and his posting 2 Coy.  Harry Smith discusses his career at 2 Company and his training philosophy.  We discuss what the training program was like at 2 Company and what Harry Smith learnt from his time posted there.  He shares some key learnings which he took with him as the Company Commander at Delta Coy.

We’ve also interviewed Dave Sabben about the Battle of Long Tan.

If you’re interested in the Battle of Long Tan, this is a great introduction to Harry Smith, and how he prepared himself and D Coy for the battle.  For more information, read The Battle of Long Tan – The Company Commanders Story.

Stay tuned for the rest of our interview with Harry as he discussed preparing for deploying to Vietnam and the conduct of the battle.

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