Best Australian Military History Podcasts | The Principles of War Podcast

We are striving to create one of the best Australian Military History Podcasts by looking at history’s great battles through the lens of Leadership, Doctrine, Terrain and the Principles of War.

For those looking for Australian Military History Podcasts, you’ll see a focus on some of the great campaigns and battles that the ADF have fought.

For those looking for the best Military History Podcast, we will be covering a range of military campaigns, with upcoming research to cover Vietnam, the Falklands, and some ancient warfare.

For those looking for the best Professional Military Education podcast – we are striving to put marry up current doctrine with history’s great battles and conflicts to provide a historic framework and make doctrine more understandable and relatable.  We are also aiming to provide a Joint PME perspective as well, to provide a better understanding of the intricacies of the conduct of Joint Operations.

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We look at the Malaya Campaign in 1942-43.  The Australian Government, strategically surprised, struggles to respond to the lightning attacks made by the Japanese.  We discuss the strategic issues that drove the tactical situation, along with the great and not so great leadership shown by some of the officers of the Australian Army.  There are many lessons to learn here, across over 10 different podcast episodes.

We look at the Centre of Gravity construct.  Outside of the military, this concept is very poorly understood, but it is a fundamental tool used in planning many of the Western Armies campaigns of the last 30 years.  It is also an excellent tool for analysing why one side one, often in spite of a range of issues that may have made Victory look unlikely.  We discuss with COL Dale Eikmeier how he helped develop the new definition of the Center of Gravity and also look at the best way of determining the correct Center of Gravity.  Failure at a strategic level can often be traced back to a failure to identify the correct friendly and enemy Centers of Gravity.

In conjunction with the Royal Australian Artillery Historical Company, we present the lectures from the Firepower: Lessons from the Great War Seminar Series.  Conducted over 4 years during the centenary of the Great War, subject matter experts present a series of lectures that look at the people, tactics and equipment and how the employment of Artillery matured over the conduct of the War.  There are many lessons for the employment of ‘big’ artillery on the battlefield some of which are being relearnt in contemporary operations in Eastern Europe today.

In this special series of podcast interviews, we talk to Dave Sabben, PL COMD of 12 PL at Long Tan.  He provides a detailed and unique perspective into Long Tan as we strive to anser questions about how an Australian Coy could end up in contact with over 2,500 enemy troops and more importantly, how they managed to defend their position when so outnumbered, inflicting a significant defeat on the enemy.

Our Social Media War series looks to explain how regime change was created in the country with the largest military in the world.  Does Social Media War fundamentally change the rules of the game, or is it just the extension of politics by other means – look for to provide a strategic framework around how Cyber is changing the conduct of war whilst looking to see how it is often just new tools for old tactics.

We talk to BRIG Ulf Henricsson, the commander of NORDBAT 2, a part of the UNPROFOR UN peacekeeping mission to Bosnia.  The Swedish Army embeds Mission Command into their way of life and as a consequence, the performance of NORDBAT 2 was fundamentally different to what was expected and they operated very differently to other national contingents contributing to the UN mission.  We look at what was different and how Mission Command, correctly employed, can be an excellent tool for Mission Success.   

This 2 part podcast looks at some of the women who contributed to the defence of the Soviet Union in WW2.  Based around the Noble Prize for Literature book, “The Unwomanly Face of War” by Svetlana Alexievich, we look at what the women did, but more importanly why did they do it.  We look at how a society can generate so many true Patriots, capable of incredible bravery and sacrifice.  Many of the women discussed were awarded the Hero of the Soviet Union.  This is a fascinating story.