The Principles of War Podcast


James Eling

The Principles of War podcast is designed to educate Officers and Senior NCOs about doctrine through the lens of historic battles and the Principles of War.  We also endeavour to prepare leaders to perform better in the Post H-Hour execution phase by studying leaders and how they have reacted to the situations they have faced.

Victory is a poor educator for students of military affairs and the real lessons are bourne from defeat.  Those lessons are very expensive for whoever pays the price, and that is why the study of defeat bears sweeter fruit.

  • Learn from yesterday to fight better tomorrow.
  • Study, learn and practice military innovation.
  • Remember and honour past sacrifice.


“We don’t rise to the level of our expectations; we fall to the level of our
training.” – Archilochus

Vae victis!

We are aiming to produce the best Australian Military History Podcast, so please contact us on Facebook with any feedback on how we can make your PME better.