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Category : Deception

Military Deception is a critical skill in planning at all levels of war.

This is a bibliography of Deception books we’ve used in developing these podcasts:

  • Strategic Deception in the Second World War – Michael Howard.
  • Churchill’s Wizards – The British Genius for Deception 1914 – 1945 – Nicholas Rankin.
  • Practice to deceive Barton Whaley – Learning Curves of Military Deception Planners – Barton Whaley.
  • The Capture of Unit 621: Lessons in Information Security Management from the North Africa Campaign – Tim Gellel.
  • Barton Whaley – Practice to Deceive – Learning curves of military deception planners.
  • Kenneth Blanks – Effectiveness analysis of the tactical employment of decoys.
  • Christopher Rein – Weaving the Tangled Web – Military Deception in Large-Scale Combat Operations – (This is an excellent book by Army University Press)
  • Hy Rothstein and Barton Whaley – The Art and Science of Military Deception.


These are the podcast episodes –