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Centre of Gravity Professional Military Education

James Eling

Here is the list of resources that I’ve used to create the series on the Centre of Gravity analysis.

Strange, J., and Iron, R., “Understanding Centers of Gravity and Critical Vulnerabilities.  Part 1:  What Clausewitz (Really) Meant by Center of Gravity.”

Strange, J., and Iron, R., “Understanding Centers of Gravity and Critical Vulnerabilities. Part 2:  The CG-CC-CR-CV Construct:  A Useful Tool to Understand and Analyze the Relationship between Centers of Gravity and their Critical Vulnerabilities”

Strange, J., and Iron, R., “Centre of Gravity.  What Clausewitz Really Meant”  Joint Force Quarterly Issue 35.  October 2004.

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Eikmeier, D., “Give Carl Von Clausewitz and the Center of Gravity a Divorce.”, Small Wars Journal.  July 2, 2013.

Eikmeier, D., “After the Divorce,  Clausewitz and the Center of Gravity”, Small Wars Journal.

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Jackson, A., “Center of Gravity analysis ‘Down Under’ – The Australian Defence Force’s New Approach” JFQ 84, 1st Quarter 2017.


Centre of Gravity Analysis

The Centre of Gravity Analysis process is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.  With these resources, you will have a better understanding of Centre of Gravity Analysis and your Centre’s of Gravity will be more robust, leading to a better list of targettable critical vulnerabilities, that may actually ensure that you achieve the desired endstate!