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Firepower 5 Forgotten Gunners of Gallipoli - 7 Mountain Indian Artillery Brigade

Firepower 5: Forgotten Gunners of Gallipoli – 7 Mountain Indian Artillery Brigade

Brigadier Muhammad Asgharpresents a fascinating look at the forgotten gunners of Gallipoli, the 7th Mountain Indian Artillery Brigade, comprising the 21st (Kohat) Mountain Battery and 26th Jacob’s Batteries.  These Batteries become a part of the 1st Mountain Regiment in 1947 in Pakistan.

Jacob’s Battery was the only gun in action on the 25th of April at ANZAC.

On the 26th of April Jacob’s Bty was reinforced with Australian gunners, creating an amalgam battery.  Jacob’s and Royal Kohat batteries were the only guns in action at ANZAC on the second day.

A great story of crater analysis unearths the story of Turkish rounds marked CSF@RPA (made at Cossipore and filled at Rawalpindi).  How did Indian ammunition end up being fired at Australian troops?

21st (Kohat) Mountain Battery was in action for 238 dayas and fired 12,248 round.  They had 11 men killed, 134 wounded, (5 died of wounds), 35 animals killed, 199 animals wounded and 1 missing.

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