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Malaya Campaign PME

James Eling

The list of resources used to produce the Malaya Campaign series.



It happened to us:  A collection of stories about 20 members from the 4th Anti Tank Regiment.  It includes a good article by LT Bill McClure.

The British and rubber in Malaya, c1890-1940    Details some if the labour relations issues that were experienced prior to the war and that the Japanese attempted to exploit.

The Army’s Gambit:  Dislocation Theory and the Development of Doctrine for the Interim Brigade Combat Team.   This has a piece on Moral Dislocation.

Russell Melton McCure as a lieutenant, 4th Australian Anti Tank Regiment, Malaya and Singapore, 1940-1945, interviewed by Dr Hank Nelson  This is a cracking listen to Lt McCure about his experiences in War.  Captured by the Chinese, he was pivotal at the Battle of Bakri and showed immense moral courage.


Brian P. Farrell The Defence and Fall of Singapore 19040 – 1941.  This is the definitive work on Malaya and Singapore, covering the campaign in great depth.

Brian Farrell and Garth Pratten – Malaya.  This is part of the Australian Army Campaign Series and does a great job of discussing the tactical issues with the Malaya campaign.

Garth Pratten – Australian Battalion Commanders in the Second World War.  This is a great resource with a no holds barred approach to critiquing the Battalion Commanders from WW2.  There are many lessons here for all people interested in Leadership and especially those preparing for sub unit or unit command.