43 - The considerations for the attack on Palliers Hill | The Principles of War Podcast
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The Considerations for the Attack – we look at these factors in this classic infantry attack.  Have a listen to the podcast on your favourite podcast player for all of the details on this battle.

We look at the considerations for the attack as LT Pallier assaults the hill that would come to bear his name.

The Considerations for the Attack are:

  • Surprise
  • Concentration
  • Penetration
  • Fire Support
  • Security
  • Tempo
  • Rapid Reorg
  • Enemy Reserve
  • Objectives and Phases

How did LT Pallier, MAJ Lee and BRIG Dougherty consider these factors as they planned the assault?  These are quite important, give that there is only 19 rounds of OS available and that the force ratio is around 1:1, not ideally for an attacking force.  The terrain is very difficult, with very little difference better left, right and the middle, so weighting as many of these considerations in his favour was critical to success for Pallier.

A big thank you to Phil Bradley for all of his help with these podcasts.  He is the expert on the later New Guinea campaign, so if you are interested in reading more about this attack and the rest of the campaign, please read his books.

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