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Overview of the Battle of France 1940
Battle of France Podcast

67 – Overview of the Battle of France 1940 II

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Battle of France II – Campaign Overview.

This episode is the second part of our overview of the Battle of France Campaign.

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This Episode discusses:

  • The fall of Eban Emael and how the Germans used glider troops to take 3 bridges across the Albert Canal
  • Panzer Gruppe Klieste on the move with 41,140 and the crossing of the Meuse.
  • The attacks in the Gembloux gap
  • The Dyle line and the fall back to the Escaut line
  • Operation NiWi and how it’s success was counterproductive
  • The Battle of Stonne
  • The Arras Counter attack
  • Guderian’s unauthorised thrust
  • Dunkirk and Fall Rot


Thank you to the British Army’s Lessons Exploitation Centre for the assistance with getting the resources for this podcast series.

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