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10 What role did Sustainment play in Malaya?
Malaya Podcast Sustainment

10 – What role did Sustainment play in Malaya?

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Sustainment – often the least considered of the principles.  How did logistics impact the conduct of the Malaya

We look at the interplay of logistics between the forces.  Normally logistics on one side has little effect on the other.  In Malaya, this was not the case.

The Japanese were operating from an amphibious operation which severely constrained their operations.  The British were fighting a defensive battle, with a lot of trucks on well made roads.

What was the relationship between the two?

What were the Churchill supplies and why were they so important?

How did the conduct of the British withdrawal impact the Japanese supplies?

With constrained sea lines, what action did Yamashita take to ensure that he could supply his 4 divisions?

What was Yamashita’s mobility solution that helped solve his logistics problem and enabled him to outmanoeurve the British by moving a lot quicker than the defenders could.

What are the similarities between Sherman’s march to the sea with Yamashita’s march to Singapore.


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