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Firepower 7 Tactics and use of Artillery in the ANZAC Campaign 1915

Firepower 7: Tactics and use of Artillery in the ANZAC Campaign, 1915

This lecture is presented by Dr Rhys Crawley, the author of Climax at Gallipoli.

Dr Crawley compares artillery at Gallipoli with the employment of artillery in 1915 on the Western Front.

Artillery was still seen as an accessory for the artillery, rather than as a separate arms distinct from the infantry.

What lessons where learnt at the Battle of Neuve Chappelle and how were those lessons applied at Gallipoli?

We look at the concentration of artillery at Gallipoli and compare it to the Western Front.

We look at troop / gun ratios and the actual guns that were deployed to Gallipoli.  What was the quality like of the guns that were used?

How many men were required to move the guns?  The average incline was 9% and in some places it was twice that.  This significantly decreased the mobility of the guns and limited the flexibility in the employments of the guns.

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