21 - Centers of Gravity and Ends, Ways and Means with COL Dale Eikmeier | The Principles of War Podcast
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We talk to retired COL Dale Eikmeier about the Ends, Ways and Means methodology for determining the Center of Gravity.

We talk about some of the problems with the Clausewitzian Centre of Gravity construct.  What role do the critical factors, critical capabilities, critical requirements and critical vulnerabilities play in the discovery of the Centre of Gravity.

We discuss the new Center of Gravity definitions that are starting to be used in Joint planning and how they improve on the traditional definition.

How does the CoG construct work in a complex system?

We use the Battle of the Atlantic as an example of how the Ends, Ways and Means approach can be used to better understand the process of determining the correct Center of Gravity to target.

Is the CoG construct useful at the LT / Platoon level?

The Battle of the Atlantic between the Germans and the Allies as the Germans attempted to remove Great Britain from the war, (which required 1,000,000 tons of supplies a week!), and the US attempted to build up men and materiel in Britain to launch it’s attack on Occupied Europe.  Analysis of the Critical Factors shows the ways to the critical vulnerabilities that can be targeted in the most economical way.

We finish with the discussion about the war in Iraq and the choice of the CoG being the Iraqi government as an example of a CoG that is incorrect.