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24 Long Tan 2 The Scheyville Experience
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24 – Long Tan 2 – The Scheyville Experience

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We look at the Scheyville Experience. This is important because it highlights the process required to train junior officers to be able to lead soldiers into combat and to win.

Scheyville had 1883 graduates, 1690 were National Serviceman, 355 served in Vietnam, and 8 gave there lives in Vietnam.

We look at the syllabus at OTU Scheyville, and we talk to Dave Sabben about his experience at Scheyville, from his Officer Selection Board, through to the training that he received at Scheyville.

What was the success rate of those volunteering to be officers?

What was the training like? How did they distill the concept of Leadership into the officer cadets? Given Dave’s experience in Vietnam, how would he have improved it?

In just 22 weeks, Dave Sabben graduated from OTU Scheyville. We look at his recollections of the training and how he felt prepared to graduate as a Platoon Commander in 6 RAR.

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