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26 – Long Tan 4: The Terrain in Phuoc Tuy and the base at Nui Dat.

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We discuss the terrain in Phuoc Tuy, including Long Tan and the defensive base at Nui Dat.


Nui Dat base
We look at what the terrain is like in Phuoc Tuy province and the glaring issue with the base at Nui Dat.

We discuss the demarcation in responsibility between the ARVN and the Australian troops and the impact of ARVN having responsibility for dealing with the roads and villages.  We also discuss the strategic hamlet program and the impact of resettling the population out of Long Tan village and the creation of a free Fire zone in the area.  How did the resettlement of villagers impact their lives?

The intent for the establishment of 1 ATF was to, “Help stop the fighting the South.”  1 ATF turned this into “we will dominate Phuoc Tuy province in order to help stop the fighting in the South.”

The plan was to secure the base and then expand the influence out from around the base and disrupt VC operating in the bush. 

We discuss the impact of Lina Alpha, the 5km line out from Nui Dat that was to act as an exclusion zone,but but the time of Long Tan, there was 1 significant issue with it – we talk about the road that runs through the defensive perimeter and how the VC could conduct recon on the suspected minefields.  The road was used to access Binh Ba in the north. 


This sets the scene our next Episode – The Encounter Battle.

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